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Technical Training

HSE's technical instructors are more than just experts in their chosen activity, they're also highly skilled motivators who can help you achieve your maximum potential. Our success rate speaks for itself: we've trained corporations, youth groups - even Eco-Challenge teams. Our students - whether they be novices or elite racers - achieve more because we instill a belief in them that self-worth and personal power combined with technical expertise are the keys to great accomplishment.

We offer half-day, full-day, and multi-day outings for everyone from novice to expert*. We also design and lead extended trips for those clients seeking a truly in-depth, high-impact experience.

Ropes and Climbing

Basic Rappelling: Rope, Rock and Safety Skills: (2 hours)
    Weekend: $250 per student        Weekday: $200 per student

Basic rappelling encompasses beginner information on fitting harness, helmet, anchor inspection and basic rappelling, belaying and skills utilizing ATC's Figure Eight, and Prussic Knot. Rappelling techniques including open air, flat wall, and edge issue and negotiation.

Basic Ascending Instruction and Safety Skills: (2 hours)
    Weekend: $250 per student         Weekday: $200 per student

Basic Ascending instruction encompasses gear familiarization and technique working on free ascent, flat wall ascent, rope transfers and edge issue negotiations.
* Basic Ascending Instruction requires a basic knowledge of rappelling.

Advanced Rope and Rock Instruction: (4 hours)
    Weekend: $310 for first student/$260 per student there after  Weekday: $280 for first student/$240 per student there after

Rappelling gear familiarization utilizing ATC's, figure eights, Petzel stops, rappelling rack, and Prussic knots. Ascending gear and technique familiarization. Safety instruction includes gear check, mid-air transfers, self-rescues, and buddy rescues.
* HSE provides all the necessary gear needed and the instruction to use it.


Basic Paddling/Kayak Instruction $195 per student (3+ hours)
Incorporates basic double paddling techniques, river navigation and race strategy, single and tandem/team kayaking techniques.

Advanced Paddling Techniques: (4+ hours)
    Weekend: $280 for first student/$250 per student there after   Weekday: $240 for first student/$180 per student there after

Covers everything in basic paddling course as well as flat water and fast water rescue. Rapid navigation and negotiation. Power paddle techniques, race strategy.
Hairy Scary provides the boats, both canoe and kayak, required for this training.

Mountain Biking and Maintenance

Intro to Mountain Biking - (2 hours)
    Weekend: $220 for first student/$180 per student there after  Weekday: $180 for first student/$150 per student there after
    * Extra $40.00 for bike rental-Trek Hard Tail w/ disk brakes.
    * Optional ad-on: $20 for basic trail rescue maintenance.

Course provides the fastest way to get up to speed with basic mountain biking skills and techniques. Topics include basic bike familiarization, climbing techniques, safe descending, clearing obstacles, cornering, and braking. Introduces concept of reading trail and picking lines.

Maintenance and Bike Prep - $100 per student, must have 2 or more students (2 hours)
The perfect introduction to bicycle maintenance to obtain a competitive advantage on race day. Topics include cleaning and lubrication principles, introduction to drive train and brake adjustments, and extensive coverage of emergency trail maintenance. Discussion also focuses on race preparation and support team mechanical strategies.