About Hairy Scary Evolutions

The Hairy Scary Evolutions primary mission is to take the ordinary, everyday person, male or female of any age, on extraordinary adventures. Recognizing the impact that extreme sports have on the human psyche, Hairy Scary Evolutions founder Jono Senk created the EDGE System to provide situations for individuals to push beyond their self-limiting comfort zones. With a foundation in extreme sports, adventure racing and paramedicine, Hairy Scary Evolutions integrates these principles through tailored training evolutions for individuals and groups.


EDGE stands for "Evaluate, Decide, Go, Evolve". The EDGE System is a proven method of overcoming personal obstacles, shattering limitations, and achieving success in the face of adversity. Using an unconventional, high-impact approach to personal training and coaching, Hairy Scary Evolutions shows individuals that their own potential, physically and mentally, is absolutely limitless.

The EDGE System: Evaluate. Decide. Go. EVOLVE!


Types of personalized training and adventures offered:

  • Adventure Racing
  • Ironman and Triathlon training
  • Ropes and Climbing
  • Paddling and Whitewater
  • Group Evolutions
  • Youth Leadership Programs
  • Team Challenge Evolution
  • Intro to Rappelling
  • Waterfall Rappelling
  • Women Only Evolutions
  • Mountain Biking and Maintenance
  • Corporate outings and excursions