Nick Luciano has spent the last 10 years in the fitness industry after donating a kidney, which ended his career serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment, US Army Special Operations.  During his assignment to Ranger Regiment, Luciano graduated from US Army Ranger School, the Ranger First Responder course, the Heavy Gunners Marksmanship course and the US Armys Level One Combatives course.  He also earned the coveted Expert Infantryman Badge and the Combat Infantryman Badge.  Lucianos dedication to self improvement was unmatched among his peers, and he tirelessly worked to share his technical and tactical knowledge with his subordinates.

Over his years in the fitness industry as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, hes excelled in personal training, medical exercise, athletic performance, and Foundation Training.  He was recruited by an international fitness company to work as their Global Master Trainer.  For the company, Nick created worldwide internet based programs, was the subject of international video programs, wrote training publications, traveled teaching certifying workshops, and presented at world conventions.  Nick is still sought out by leading fitness education companies as an independent contractor for his custom programming.  Most of his time is spent serving his individual clients in Atlanta, GA.