Jonathan Senk is the Founder/CEO/President of Hairy Scary Evolutions LLC, Extreme Adventure Athlete and Former Airborne Ranger serving with 3/75 Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment and 5th Ranger Training Battalion-Ranger School /Mountain Phase.  He has personally trained hundreds of individuals and teams in all manner of high rope and rock instruction to include Federal Agency personal, SWAT team members, Firemen, International Expeditionary Adventure racing teams, and has been sought after by members from all branches of US Special Operations Forces for specific high angle rope and rock climbing instruction.

Jonathan is also a swift water swimming/ boating/rescue expert. Having learned much of his expertise in the Rangers, US SOF units and Odyssey’s Adventure Racing Academy, he has paddled and white water swam many rivers with Class III/IV + rated rapids. Jonathan was a scout swimmer for his Ranger Battalion, is a former AAU, NCAA ranked competitive swimmer, racing swimmer coach, Lifeguard, and Red Cross Water Safety Instructor. Formerly educated/trained in EMT, ACLS and emergency medicine at Western Carolina University, Jonathan is both currently CPR/ACLS and First Aid certified..

Jonathan is currently an instructor for Range Of Motion Sports Performance. He is a former member of the Odyssey Adventure Racing Event Staff and Race Management Team.

For over 15 years Jonathan has raced over a hundred epic mt. bike races + adventure races and personally trained, instructed and certified hundreds of beginner to expert to expeditionary level adventure racing teams in all mandated forms of climbing, white water swimming, paddling and swift water rescue techniques. He has trained teams for Eco Challenge -Patagonia, Fiji, Borneo, The Raid Gauloises, The Beast of the East, Southern Traverse, Primal Quest and other national/regional adventure races.

Because of his hard skill expertise and extensive knowledge of Adventure Racing he was asked by Troy Ferrar, President of the United States Adventure Racing Association, and Don D. Mann, formerly of Odyssey Adventure Racing-now Primal Quest race director, to locate, advise and guide in the First National Championships of Adventure Racing held in Sapphire Valley, N.C. He also built and supervised the rigging of the 800 ft rappel off of Big Green for the National Championships as well. He also was asked by Sally Bethea, Executive Director, Chattahoochee River Keeper to organize as Race Director the 1st Annual back to the Chattahoochee River Race. Jonathan is continuously consulted by many adventure racers and race directors nationally and internationally.

Jonathan, being a published writer, is sought after by regional and national media outlets such as CNN/Headline news,Time Magazine, Wallstreet Journal, ABC TV, Turner Broadcasting, Atlanta Journal Constitution and most recently Blue Ridge Outdoors and Outside magazine.

Jonathan continues to compete and race in many regionally and nationally important Mt Bike races and Centuries. He currently teaches strength and racing tactics to local cyclists and mountain bike racers. Jonathan has been a master spin instructor for over 15 yrs at many of Atlanta's Premiere Athletic Clubs and Elite Athlete Training Centers.

His Greatest Motivation comes from working at Sheperd Center Hospital in The Pro-Motion Department with what he calls "Exceptionals" who have the toughest challenges in life, everyday of their life for the rest of their lives."It's because of them, their example of intrepid determination, that I feel absolutely 'Limitless' in my abilities and what I can do in my life and challenge all others to do the same."

He is always in the hunt for Big Granite, Big Gravity and Huge Hydro for Extreme Rope and Rockwaterfall rappels and Mt Bike descents.