NIGEL KOHRING is a member of the world’s primer raid force, the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment.  His accolades and training in the Regiment include Airborne, Military Freefall (HALO), Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE), Expert Infantry Badge (EIB), Expert Marksmanship Badge, German Marksmanship Badge, Ecuadorian Parachutist Wings, Chilean Parachutist Wings, and deployment to Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terror.  Nigel has worked closely with almost every entity of the US Military’s Special Operations Groups to include Delta, Seals, Para Rescue and Special Forces. 

Nigel is also a professional mountain bike trials cyclist. Thanks to his titles, professionalism, style and ability to interact with people Nigel is one of the biggest names in the bike trials scene. Nigel has been at the cutting edge of his sport for more than fifteen years. He is always proactive in promoting his sponsors and his sport as well. The last couple of years Nigel has been traveling extensively and has performed shows all over the USA.