Dr. Millhouse has been in private practice as a Clinical Sport Psychologist in the North Atlanta area since 1987.  He has been with the Olympic Committee since 1985, served as the Sport Psychologist for Georgia Tech for 10 years while remaining a consultant and has taught Sport Psychology at Georgia State University, Auburn University and Michigan State University.

Dr. Millhouse holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Michigan State University with specialty areas in counseling and clinical psychology, health psychology and human performance.  His doctoral dissertation was done in the Department of Psychiatry, within the medical school at Michigan State University which studied the impact of mental factors on the effectiveness of medical care.  He has worked at Michigan State University, Georgia State University, Auburn University, Georgia Tech and as a performance consultant to the United States Army.  

Although Dr. Millhouse is licensed to provide intensive psychotherapy most of his time is devoted to teaching mental skills to athletes.  Athletes use the mental skills to reach higher goals, become more consistent, improve at a faster rate and more easily enter the Zone.  He has worked with amateur and professional athletes in most sports including golf, tennis, football, baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, boxing, gymnastics, skating and soccer.  He has been authorized to provide continuing education in mental skills for members in the Georgia Section PGA.

The same mental skills athletes can use to improve their game are also used by corporate executives to enhance their performance.  Dr. Millhouse provides executive coaching services to leaders in the business world and stress reduction programs to individuals and corporations.

Dr. Millhouse was a founding member of the United States association of applied sport psychology (AASP).  He has worked with well over 30 Olympic and World champions and was the Sport Psychologist for the United States Army wrestling team that set numerous military and Olympic records during the 1996 Olympics.